Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend...New York Style

So, for Thanksgiving weekend Jake's parents treated us to a family trip to New York City.  It was great to show them around Buffalo and to visit Jake's sister and brother-in-law in New York City.  It was my first visit to NYC and I was astounded by the sheer magnitude of the city!  We had a great time visiting the Natural History Museum, having dinner at the Marriot Marquis in Time Square, touring the Statue of Liberty and seeing Phantom of the Opera.  Thank you Wildings for such a wonderful trip!  I hope that Jake and I can make it back to NYC soon while we are out here.
 When Jake's family flew into town we had an ultimate wing-off and taste tested wings from Duff's and Anchor.  Still no consensus on which one is better.

 Some of the fam at Niagara falls.  I think it was a little rainy...too bad I had to work that day.

 Our niece Makena at the visitor center at Palmyra.  (Jake took the picture.)

The perfect Time's Square shot of me and Mandi ;-).  (Jake took the picture.)

The Wildings table

 Thanksgiving dinner

 Malia and Shane got a leash for Makena so we could keep track of her in the crowds.  I think she actually liked it so that she could walk around freely.  She was so cute running from exhibit to exhibit in the museum.

 Walking around staten island.  It was freezing!! (Jake didn't take this picture)

 There she is...I took the picture.

So, this is all of us girls trying on hats at this cute shop somewhere in NYC and yes...I bought one.

THE "Lafamilia."  I would assume this place is THE place for New York style pizza.  I have to was pretty dang good.

...And lastly...a public service announcement from Jake to all of you.