Sunday, March 27, 2011

San Diego in Chronilogical Order

So, Jake and I were fortunate enough to go to San Diego for a couple of days over spring break in order for him to present some of his research he did in association with IADR.  It was so nice to get out of the Buffalo weather for a couple of days and that we are back, San Diego already feels like a long lost dream.  The whole time we were there all I could keep saying is that people actually live like this!  It is an unbelievable place and so beautiful.  Anyway, I posted some pics of our trip in chronological order.

The second day we were in town we drove to La Jolla.  Here is Jake getting friendly with the seals.

 A cute mama and her pup.

 The waves were really high the time of day that we were there and kept breaking over the pathway I remembered walking on on my previous trip to San Diego.

 Apparently this is the king sea lion.

 Smash Burger!  No need to say more.

 La Jolla Shores

 I don't know if you can tell but I am SO happy to be there!

 I had to take this picture because I thought these were one-legged birds. I thought it was a terrible thing that so many of them could have lost a leg, but on closer inspection we discovered that they stand on only one leg.  The oddities of nature...

 Consequently, humans also do odd things.  Jake decided to take a picture of a group of a segway tour  mostly because they looked funny.

 Here is the old hotel on Coronado Island.  It's so pretty.

 Jake and Jake's poster at the conference.  I was so proud of him ;-).

 So, we met up with one of my good friends from High School that is now one of the lucky people to reside in the San Diego area and his wife and their cute baby.  Since our restaurant was not yet open, we went to dessert first.  Everything was covered in flowers and berries and looked too good to eat...but when it came down to it...we didn't really have a problem with it.

 This area of town is real big on putting plants on your food.  I think this is Rosemary coming out of our monumental portion of a meatloaf sandwich.  Who ever thought I would eat meatloaf on a sandwich or that I would LOVE devouring it?

 So, thing that Buf doesn't have is frozen yogurt, so anytime I go to a place that has it it's been much a necessity to get some.

...And...after the the close of our trip Jake couldn't resist documenting our greyhound bus ride home for the last 3 hour stretch to Buffalo.  It's a long story, but after over 16 hours of traveling at 6 in the morning we finally made it home so that Jake wouldn't miss his test that day.