Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Guest and Recent Events

So, we've had a guest in town for the last couple of days.  Jake's dad had a conference in NYC and then met with a client in Buffalo before heading back to Utah and we were fortunate enough to hang out for a couple of days.  The first night he was in town we went to dinner at a great BBQ joint Jake and I discovered downtown.  I had planned to do a traditional Easter dinner on Sunday, but the only size of ham I could find was a good 7 pounds+, so I decided to do our big dinner last night and share it with Tom.  It's always fun to cook for a guest.  It was great having you in town Tom!

 While Tom was in Town we played a little Mexican Train.  We got to be creative in the making of our trains due to the intimate size of our table.

At the end of the first round Jake was the proud owner of the 50 piece-as this was the very last tile to draw. 

In other news, I made my first pot roast for Sunday dinner a few weeks ago, 

and Jake had a birthday which we celebrate by stuffing our faces at the casino buffet in Niagara Falls in Canada.  Are we getting old before our time???

And here is Jake with his shiny new slackline courtesy of his thoughtful wife ;-)