Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Trip(s)

 This year for Thanksgiving we were fortunate enough to visit with both of our families.  Even though we had just a short trip to Colorado Springs for a couple of days and another short trip in Utah, it was nice to just be with the family and hang out.  Here are a couple of highlights from our tip... 

The weather in Colorado Springs was 65 degrees when we were there!  We attempted to take Liam and Cooper to the park, but we made it only about 5 min before Cooper had a break down over a sliver and Liam peed his pants.  I'm sure that when I am a parent I will think to ask kids if they have gone potty before we head out.

 Colby impressed me by trying squid.  Sick!

I got some early b-day presents from the fam.  As you can see Copper and Liam are super interested.

Thanksgiving feast #1 with the McDermott clan.  Thanks so much Taryn for hosting us!

The kiddo table.  I love how Liam is just hanging out like it's the cool thing to be at the kids table.

On our trip we got to visit with all the little nieces.
Grandpa with baby Harper.

 Jake with Baby Marli

Hangin out with Linds and Lucy.  Lucy is not really much of a baby anymore.

The way that Lucy was so intent on her coloring at the restaurant made me think that she is destined to be an artist like her mama.

If you can't tell, the onsie says: "I Love Uncle Jake."

Thanksgiving feast #2 with the Wilding clan.

Thanks again everyone for everything when we came to visit!  We love to be able to visit with family!