Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine's Day is coming...

With the long, cold gray days of summer, it's always nice to have something to look forward too.  I think that's why Valentine's Day even exists as a national holiday anyway...because there's really not much going on in the winter time after Christmas and the New Year.  We all seem to need a little pick-me up during the dreary time before Spring.  I have to admit...I like the pink hearts and candy and an excuse to send cards to the people I care about.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I know that I don't have many readers of my blog, but hopefully this post can be passed along in a way that could count.  We have some good friends here in Buffalo that have been on one crazy up and down roller coaster attempting to adopt a baby to add to their family.  If anyone deserves to be parents, they do!  They are loving, service-oriented, hard-working, smart and many other things. I don't fully understand the adoption process, but if anyone reading this knows of anyone looking to find adoptive parents please pass the link to their profile along. I know they would appreciate it!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh How Christmas Comes and Goes

With the hustle of Jake finishing up school for fall semester and trying to get on top of work so that I could have an actual break over the holidays it seems like Christmas was upon us pretty suddenly.  It's always so sad to me how quickly Christmas is over, the tree and lights taken down and real life resumes, but our breaks and chances to visit family wouldn't be as sweet if we were blessed with them all the time right?

I wanted to put some pics up of our Christmas decorations in our apartment because it's Jake's and my first real Christmas together and because I am proud of them... 

So...for our anniversary and before heading to Utah we made a stop in Chicago. was freezing although the city was beautiful.  

 Some of the famous Chicago style pizza.  So cheeeesy.

 At the top of the Sear's tower at the Skydeck.  If visiting Chicago I recommend getting here at sunset like we did.  :-)

In Utah at the Temple Square lights.  I was so happy that little Lucy didn't seem too scared of me.

 We like to make funny faces in my fam.

Singing Christmas carols...

Getting gifts...

Lucy putting a lid on her head... wouldn't be the holidays without good food.  Our families definitely went above and beyond in that department!

 And....when we thought our trip was nearing an end we were luck enough to have a cancelled flight to be in town even longer.  Jake and I have never seen so much luggage on the luggage corral in our lives.

So...with some of our extra time we spent some more time with the families which included a bowling trip.  Good times!  I hope all of you guys were able to have as good a Christmas as were able to.