Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Stuff

It has been awhile since I posted last.  We have been taking and collecting pictures of our goings on lately, so here they are...

Valentine's Day

 We made tin foil dinner chicken cordon blue for Valentine's Day.  They turned out excellent and were SO easy!  Jake gave me the Julia Child pearls for V-Day ;-).

Going out to Breakfast mid-week at Amy's!

 The famed cinnamon french toast...delish!

Niagara Falls Canadian Side in the Winter
 Jake had never seen the falls in the winter and I have never seen them in the winter or on the Canadian side of the border.  It was beautiful although misty and cold.

 I took this picture to try to capture how everything was covered in ice, but what stands out to me is all the people in their colored jackets huddled together. It's always fun to people watch at tourist attractions.

So...the sad thing about this to me is looking at this magnificent natural wonder with a casino in the background....I like to close my eyes and pretend what this would look like without a devastated city in the background...

Jake tried a uniq ("ugly") fruit

I got a sewing machine!!

To get started I've sewed these two pillows...nothing too crazy yet...

Jake and I attempted Cross-Country Skiing