Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Germany Adventure Begins!!

So on August 14, 2014 our charter bus arrived at the Grafenwoehr, US Army Post.  It is a lot smaller then our previous assignment at Ft. Sill, OK, but, with all the downsizing of army posts Graf is growing and there is a lot of building going on.  The hotel where we are going to be spending about a month is new and nice.  The gym is new and nice and the area is surrounded by amazing forests.


Our first weekend here we decided to rent a car and get off post.  We braved the Autobohn (yes people do drive fast) and drove south about an hour and a half to a city called Regensburg. This was a great place to start this adventure with.  It was fun because you could really see the Christian influence on the city.  While we were there we went to The Dom St. Peter, one of Bavaria's grandest gothic cathedrals.

Regensburg got its name on the map because it has the first stone bridge to cross the Danube river.  It was being renovated when we were there, but we were able to walk across the bridge and take some photos.

 Drendle and Lederhosen

 Schottenkirche St. Jakob: is a church that was build in the 12th-century is considered a supreme example of romanesque architecture.  It is Preserved behind a glass wall in order to protect it against environmental decay.

 Walking the streets of Regenesburg.

Moved to Germany!

So it has been awhile since our post has been updated.  Whitney has had a lot going on and knowing that it takes some work to write a blog post, I (Jake) thought that I would try and write a post to catch everyone up to speed.

First off, we have had a crazy, amazing, and adventurous summer.

In July we started the summer off by graduating from the Army 12 month AEGD program at Fort Sill, OK.  I will miss the clinic and Mrs. Billings (my assistant).  During this year of extra training each of the 8 residents had to preform procedures in each of the different dental specialties.  This includes: Oral surgery, Periodontology, Prostadontics (crown and bridges), and restorative dentistry.   I enjoyed the program and gaining skills that will help me take care of my patients.  My parents took the graduation as an opportunity to visit the illustrious travel destination of Oklahoma one last time before we left for Germany.  We had a blast doing the graduation and hitting all the must-do's.  We went to Meers for a cut your own ribeye steaks.

After graduation, we flew out to Utah with the parents; it was nice to travel with family.  Utah was amazing.  It was so fun to visit everyone, even Mandi came out from NYC.  We were able to hit the lake with the boat, swim at Cherry Hill, have a tinfoil dinner and hike, and have a princess slumber party with the neices (Makena and Marli)!

Whitney had surgery in Oklahoma before we left to go to Germany.  Everything went well and she healed with no complications.  A big thanks to Luann for coming out to help as Whitney recovered.

And last, but definitely not least, we had one epic flight to Germany.  Sounds easy enough right?  We took the military flight and we had to have a port-of-call in Baltimore.  We had a 8 hour layover before we boarded onto our 8.5 hour flight to Ramstein Air base.  We were lucky enough to enjoy a hotel stay in Frankfort before taking a four hour bus ride to our newly assigned post, Grafenwoehr Army Base, Germany.

Let the New European adventure begin!! Even though we miss our families and are sad to be so far away, we are excited about the experiences that are to come while we are in Germany. Coming soon we will post about our first outing in Germany accompanied by pictures.