Monday, January 14, 2013

The Impossible

I don't normally blog about media, but Jake and I watched this movie this weekend.  It seems like since I have been sick for over two weeks that all I feel capable of is watching movies, but everything seems petty after seeing this film.   It was so raw and gripping and of course, I already knew it would be this way because I knew this was a film about a family during the tsunami in Thailand, but so incredibly sad.  I often wonder what I would do if I was a person in a situation such as this.  I, of course, hope that I would be able to be strong and protect the people I love and the strangers around me in need of help.  

I often wonder why I WANT to watch films that I KNOW will grip me and make me feel like my life is meaningless when other people have had to face and are in the face of disaster everyday of their lives, but I guess I like the reminder that life is precious and love is beautiful.  I guess the takeaway for me from films such as this; films that manage to effectively portray adversity to this level of extreme is to let the people we love know that we love them.

I think for the most part, we all live normal lives.  I assume that this family that experienced the tsunmami lived a normal life before that experience. I don't think we have to seek out extradorninary experiences to necessarily feel like our lives are not meaningless.  I think that the most important priorities we can have in our lives is to show the people that we love how much we love them and if we don't love anyone, then we should start to.  When life can potentially be gripped away from us at any moment, I guess I want to make the most of my life in the here and now by loving those close to me fully and deeply.

I've been trying to come to terms with the New Year and anxiously trying to set for myself some New Years Resolutions to help me find more meaning and depth to my live.  I think that it's always good to have goals and to progress, but I think when it comes to the core of our lives, everything we do should focus on love.

Anyway, I recommend this movie.


  1. ok you know when the trailer makes you cry you are in for it! is it in theaters or on video?

  2. It's in theaters. I think it just came out over the weekend. It was definitely amazing!

  3. maybe i will make brad take me to it for my birthday!