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Our Adoption Profile

Dear Birthmother,
We want to express our gratitude to you in taking the time to learn a little bit about us. We know that we cannot fully understand the feelings and emotions you must be having at this time, but we are praying that you can feel peace as you make the decision that is right for you and your baby.  We know that it takes unselfish love on your part to choose the path of adoption.  If it is your wish, we want you to know that we plan in keeping communication open with you with pictures and regular letters so that you can share in your child's development.  We desire for your child to always know of your love.

A Bit About Us


I am 32 years old and the middle child of two sisters whom I have a close relationship with.  Growing up I had a pet iguana, loved scouts, being outdoors, and I also wrestled in high school.  I graduated from dental school and now I am general dentist for the U.S. Army.  I get a lot of satisfaction in improving the quality of life for my patient’s everyday. 
At basic training, 2013



I am 33 years old.  I come from a big family of six children.  I love all of my siblings and the chaotic joy having a big family has brought to my life! I love the outdoors and many different outdoor activities.  I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in communication.  I am currently volunteering at the Armed Forces Network radio station as a radio DJ and I love the opportunity I have to learn a new skill and meet new people.
In the radio studio at AFN

 Our Story

            We met for our first date after initially meeting on a Christian dating site that was recommended to us by our respective friends.  Jake kept it simple by planning a dinner date to get sushi.  What stood out to each of us during the date was how easy it was to talk to each other.  We talked for hours at the restaurant and continued to date afterwards until we became engaged six months later.  After our engagement Jake moved to upstate, NY to start dental school and Whitney stayed in Utah to finish up her bachelor’s degree and plan the wedding.  We got married during Jake’s winter break and Whitney moved out east so that we could begin our married life together. 

Our wedding day, December 2009


 Our Relationship in Jake’s Words

Our relationship is a simple one where we just get each other and love being with each other. Whitney is the most supportive and loving wife I could ever ask for.  I love how she is adventurous and discovers the best about every place we have lived in.  We have moved a few times and because we are in the military we plan on moving a few more times during my military career.  So far we have lived in upstate, NY (for school), Oklahoma and now Germany.  Another thing that I love about Whitney is how creative and adventurous she is.  I know that when we adopt that she will always have a fun craft project, cooking activity, or an outdoor hiking adventure ready for our family to enjoy together. 


Our Relationship in Whitney’s Words

One thing that really stood out to me about Jake while we were dating was how thoughtful and caring he is and that is still true six years of marriage later.  Jake is always very attentive and aware of my needs.  He is also very protective and loving towards our nieces and nephews.  I know that he will be a very attentive father.  Jake also has a passion for life and is passionate about his work and always has a desire to continue to improve his skills and grow.  

Our Families 

Jake's Family

I would describe my family as close and fun.  I grew up with a lot of support from my parents and knowing that they wanted the best for me.  We would spend our summers boating on the lakes by my house, playing little league baseball, and eating dinner on our patio outside.  Family nights included board games, cooking, movie nights, and Ping-Pong.  My dad works in finance and my mom is a nurse in the neonatal ward (which will be a big help as we become first time parents).  They always encouraged me to seek the best education and experiences that I could. My older sister, Malia has two daughters and another baby on the way and my younger sister Mandi has a baby girl on the way due January 2016.  Your child will be surrounded with love from everyone in my family and will have tons of fun playing with cousins.   

Faith and religion has always been a keystone in my family; we are members of a Christian-based church and believe that Christ loves us.  Your child will grow up with knowing the love of Christ in their life.   
Jake with his niece, Makena
Jake with his dad after running a 5K
Whitney’s Family
I had a very simple childhood and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My fondest memories are of doing craft projects at home with my mom, building snowmen with my dad or enjoying my mom’s homemade apple pie.  There are six children in my family, so there was always something going on in my parent’s household growing up.  I am very close with all of my siblings and I have a unique relationship with each one of them.  My dad has always been the patriarch of the family and is protective of all of his children.  My mother has always strived to provide a nurturing environment at home.  Although we live far away from our family members we strive to stay connected with them through regular phone calls.  My two older sisters are both married with their own children.  When we are all together as a family is so fun to see the cousins interacting and building relationships with each other.  We can’t wait for our own child to join in this circle of friendship and my family is so excited and supportive of our decision to adopt. 
Whitney with her parents at Niagara Falls, 2011
Visiting the Christmas lights in downtown Salt Lake City

Our Community

Jake is serving as a U.S. Army dentist and we are currently stationed in Germany until August 2017.  We live in government-leased housing located close to the military post.  We love our housing area because there are many playgrounds and bike paths close to our home.  The area in Germany that we live in is beautiful countryside full of pine forests with walking trails and farmland.  Because we are a part of a military community stationed overseas, most of us live far away from extended family support and, therefore we reach out to one another to build lasting friendships. We have a great relationship with our neighbors and often have them over for games and BBQ’s. We also have a lot of friends that have new babies and we look forward to future play dates with them. In the military community there is a lot of diversity with people that come from all over the United States with different backgrounds and cultures.  We feel that this is advantageous because this makes our home and community vibrant, colorful, and accepting of others. 

Our Interests and Raising a Child

-->We feel so fortunate to be able to be stationed in Germany because this provides us with wonderful opportunities to travel.  Traveling enables us to learn about the culture and history of each place we go and we can’t wait to share these experiences with a child. In addition to travel we also enjoy outdoor adventures.  Some of our favorite trips have been camping trips in the various places we have lived.  We feel that every place we have been has its own unique beauty and characteristics. This is something that we can’t wait to share with our future child.
Prague, 2015
Paris, 2015
Although we get a lot of enjoyment out of our many adventures, we also enjoy spending down time together.  We enjoy having quiet evenings at home reading, watching movies or playing games with friends.  We look forward to being able to read to our child and hope to instill a love of learning in him or her.  Whitney enjoys crafting and always has a project in the works to decorate our home.  Whenever we visit family she always has fun activities to do with the nieces and nephews and we can’t wait to do fun projects with our own child. 

It is very important to us that our child understands his or her own self-worth.  We feel that by providing unconditional love, a stable home and opportunities to progress and grow that your child will be able to reach his or her full potential.  We will also strive to be provide the best education that we can so that your child can have a successful and fulfilling future.

Our Hope

 Thank you for taking the time to get to know a bit about us.  We pray for you as you are making your decision to select adoptive parents.  We look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to meet you soon.

It is our hope that through the miracle of adoption that we can someday experience the deepest desire of our hearts to become parents.  Together we have built a relationship of lasting love; however, our lives still feel incomplete without the special joy that only a child can bring.  By selecting us to be the parents of your child, you would be giving us the greatest gift imaginable, the opportunity to raise a child and experience life anew.  Though far from perfect, we have a strong desire to love and nurture a child and will strive to be the best parents we can be.  It is our sincere wish to be able to shower your child with hugs, kisses, and our unconditional love and to give your child the best life and opportunities we can provide.

We also wish for you to know how much we honor you for your decision to choose an adoption plan for your child.  We think about you often and what you must be going through in this process.  We feel sorrow for the loss you feel, but please know that we feel immense gratitude to you by providing for us an opportunity that we otherwise would not have to be parents.  We know that it must take an immeasurable amount of courage and self-confidence to select adoptive parents for your baby.  Should you choose us to raise your child, we hope that this letter will help provide you with a feeling of peace and assurance.  Please know that we wish for you to always be a part of your child's life and wish for him or her to always know of your love.

Jake and Whitney 



  1. Looks amazing, guys! Love you both!

  2. Wow. I am in tears. I love you guys! You will be amazing parents.

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  4. You guys are great. If you have any questions regarding adoption please feel free to ask. Adoption is a beautiful process and you'll be amazed at how the Lord has his hand in it. We pray for you and wish you the best.

  5. Beautiful and so full of your sweet hearts, Jake & Whitney. You are in our prayers and thoughts. It is in His Hands. You KNOW that HE Loves YOU! So do we. Rondi & Brad and Family